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The style and approach I use as a therapist is unique due to my clinical background and my counseling training, which includes eclectic blended approaches catered to the individual’s needs. My transpersonal psychology training provides a multitude of holistic, mind-body modalities and therapeutic approaches I can utilize based off of your needs.

I find person-centered, strength-based, and compassion-based therapy to be the most common approaches used in my practice. Other approaches I resonate with the most include Existential Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Logotherapy, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Spiral Dynamics, Applied Astrology, Depth Psychology, and somatic approaches, as well as many other frameworks. There are many doorways in. A great strength to using an eclectic approach is my capacity to precisely identify and employ those particular methods that will best suit an individual client, for psychotherapy or for consultation.

My integrative, holistic style is specifically tailored to meet each person’s unique needs and goals.

It is important to me to find an approach that interests you, as well as helps you feel supported on your wellness journey. Therapy is a journey of healing and hope. In session, I will encourage you to trust your gut, trust the process, and trust yourself in knowing what you need. I will encourage you to explore and honor any mistakes you might make, seeing that sometimes obstacles or mistakes can be opportunities for growth. I will remind you that true growth and integration is not quick or easy,

but it’s also well worth it!

I listen carefully to your needs and help you to get unstuck by identifying areas of personal strength and weakness. I do this with a warm, yet direct approach, and will ask questions, examine behaviors and hold you accountable when your actions do not match your words. I am here to help! All I ask of you is to show up fully, and together we will do the work! I am not afraid of the depths of your experience or pain. I will guide you to peace from painful experiences. With a nonjudgmental, yet supportive approach, and a sprinkle of humor where appropriate, I hope to show you that therapy can be a safe place to explore your true, authentic, fundamentally good self. I think of therapy as a professional service offering a safe place to grow, beyond the traditional idea of ‘the patient on the couch.’ My natural style as a therapist is to balance warm support and empathy, with gentle, honest words that will challenge you, and will enable us to work together as you learn new tools to help you achieve your goals. I take a holistic stance at psychotherapy by focusing on treating the whole individual; mind, body, and spirit. I want to help you integrate all parts of yourself into wholeness (however that is unique to you).


I do not accept insurance and my fees are commensurate with other highly trained and experienced clinicians. I can provide a superbill for clients with out of network insurance benefits liking to seek reimbursement. Please schedule a clarity call to see if we're a good fit! This is a short consult where we can assess our energy vibe and gain clarification to see if working together feels right. If you're wanting longer than a 15 call, please schedule a Personal Growth and Development Consult below for more time.

Psychotherapy Container- The concept of a "container" in psychotherapy refers to the therapeutic relationship and the setting in which therapy takes place. The container provides a safe and supportive environment that allows the client to feel comfortable exploring their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The structure and boundaries can be especially helpful for individual who feel overwhelmed or out of control in their daily lives. It allows the client to focus on their own inner experience and process their emotions in a way that is not possible in their everyday lives. In addition, the therapeutic container can provide a sense of containment for difficult or intense emotions, helping the client to feel safer and more grounded as they work through challenging issues. Overall, the container is an essential aspect of the therapeutic process, as it helps to create a supportive and healing environment for the client. (Packages range from 3-18 sessions to be used within 6 months)





Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration--Many people are using plant medicines such as cannabis and psilocybin to enhance their own personal awareness and growth. Preparation and integration are important when using plant medicine because they can help to increase the likelihood of a positive and meaningful experience, and also help to facilitate the process of integrating the insights and learning from the experience into one's daily life. Preparation involves taking the time to understand the substance you are using, as well as setting intention for the experience and creating a safe and comfortable environment in which to have the experience. It also involves educating oneself about the particular risks and benefits of the substance, and taking any necessary precautions to minimize the potential risks. Integration refers to the process of reflecting on and making sense of the insights and learning from the experience, finding ways to integrate these insights into one's daily life. Preparation and integration can help ensure that the benefits of the psychedelic experience are maximized, and that any potential challenges are addressed in a healthy and constructive way.  4 sessions--$700 (to be used within 3 months)





 A'La Carte--In this single-session, the goal is to dive deep into your life to identify areas where you would like to make changes or improvements, and to provide the client with tools and support needed to spark growth. The focus of a personal growth and development consultation can vary, but may include topics such as career development, relationships, persoanl goals, spirituality and self improvement. The consult may involve setting goals, creating a plan of action and working through challenges or obstacles. Astrology and Human Design can be used to explore the client's personality from an elemental perspective.

60 minute session--$200, 30 minute session--$100





Appointments available by teleconference Tuesday-Friday


Tel: 770.877.0246


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