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"There is no cure for your humanness.

There is no magic pill, there is no magic plant, there is no magic style of therapy or intervention. All of it is a doorway into yourself exactly as you are--emotions, experiences, memories and flaws. You are human and there is no cure. Only a widened perspective that can hold space for all of it will do. Once you make friends with your humanness, you can grow in ways that aren't available when you fight it."

-Lisa Jacobson-

There are so many experiences in life that require us to really get in touch with our emotions, needs and desires, while learning to meet ourselves with care and compassion along the way. Maybe you are ending a long-term relationship or contemplating a career change. Maybe you or someone you love is experiencing long-term health issues. Maybe your children have gone to college and you’re feeling the empty nest. Maybe you are a new parent, and you feel clueless at how to balance it all. So many life events where there is no “right” or “wrong” and you have no model for how to live authentically with integrity!

No matter where you are, I want to offer you a safe haven to process the emotions in a healthy and empowering way, make sense of it all and choose your best path forward for you. What if it was actually possible to feel more empowered and less drained during difficult times. Through this process, you will become more RESILIENT, which will help you maintain an INNER CALM in ANY STRESSFUL situation.

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent.


Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

- Audre Lorde








Everyone and their mother will let you know their opinion of your life and what you should do if you talk about what’s going on with you. If

you don’t talk about it, you’re stuck in your own thoughts and stories alone. Learn to find your own voice amidst all the noise. What are YOUR views? What do YOU know you need to do to be happy? I will help you develop new skills that will help you find  inner security regardless of what’s happening in the outside world around you.

It’s common to exhaust yourself in an attempt to be everything for everyone. I will help you learn how to maintain a healthy level of honesty with yourself and others, so you learn where to draw personal boundaries on any level.

I’m not promising the listener’s ears will change, but I do know it feels so much better to communicate your feelings – be it anger, frustrations, needs, desires, etc. -  in a way that is not hateful or bitter. Through our work, you’ll learn about assertive and non-violent communication, which will diffuse many heated situations in the empowerment process and make you feel calmer and more energized. 


On the other side of every difficult time in my life, there was a sense of empowerment that came with my transformation process that resulted in finding my own voice, identifying my deepest, personal needs how to get them met and more. I developed a passion for helping other people find empowerment through their most difficult times, claiming their needs in relationships, speaking their truths, and living a more authentic life.

I also know what it’s like to think about adding one more thing to your schedule. I realize how busy you are.  I also know that’s not a good excuse—that’s even more of a reason to take care of yourself. That’s why my program is accessible, personalized and private, while also offering flexibility.

The private, HIPPA compliant video conferencing and email access to my personal inbox gives you a place to put whatever’s on your mind and into the care of a professional.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time so that I am able to give the attention everyone deserves. As a therapist and Yoga teacher with over fifteen years combined experience in therapeutic counseling and healing arts, I am excited to integrate all of my training, experience and more.

As you can imagine, in addition to the emotional release and healing you’ll experience when you embrace a new way of taking care of yourself during challenging phases of life, you’ll develop many new skills that don’t end when the difficult time is over.


Below are the ripple effects of working with me and the confidence and clarity that could last a lifetime:

  • Uncovering your true needs and wants in your life and relationships instead of thinking you’re needy or just “fine.”

  • Discovering your truth and being able to communicate it.

  • Navigating hard choices from a place of centered way of being (instead of impulsive reactions)

  • Creating support for yourself when you need it, rather than leaving yourself to your own devices. It’s a skill in itself to ask for help!

  • Modeling getting your needs met for your children, so they make healthy, empowering relationship decisions as adults instead of passing down uninspired ways of being.

  • Feeling more Empowered, In-charge, and Confident about the future, instead of drifting.

  • Creating a more meaningful, authentic life for yourself.

Listen, many of us weren’t taught or modeled these behaviors, but that doesn’t have to be true for your children. By giving yourself the support you need and want to be your best during any challenging time, you’ll leave your kids and your loved ones with an invaluable education about relationships and life. Because life is unique to everyone, this program is completely specific to you integrating new skills, where appropriate, whatever your life looks like.



I attempted to major in Psychology at the University of Georgia, but had an extremely hard time passing Psych 101! I guess I was too early in my personal growth and discovery journey to know there were different schools of Psychology. Rather than switching universities to find a better fit, I changed my major to Child and Family Development. Looking back, I see how that makes total sense for me. Families fascinate me—I mean, they are the “herd” of our species and we are hard wired to be a part of them whether we want to be or not. I see intergenerational trauma as something many sensitive people were chosen by their ancestors to heal. Development fascinates me—not only child development, but personal development, consciousness development, collective societal development, spiral dynamics…I still felt a huge need to incorporate more of the human experience within psychology, leading me to the University of West Georgia, where I earned my Master’s Degree in 2003 in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. Here I finally found the words to articulate my experiences more clearly. Humanistic Psychology offers a different approach to mental health by seeing every human as a unique individual with their own free will, self-analysis and self-actualization. I believe every individual has the capacity for expanded awareness and personal truth, even if it sometimes gets buried by conditioning, confusion or anxiety. By using that lens in therapy, awareness and compassion for oneself are more easily accessible. Expansion follows, allowing for more curiosity and openness, which provides a catalyst for change, growth, self-inquiry, and self-discovery.


My path has been anything but linear. I didn’t think I would pursue the counseling profession because I have always felt stifled by the medical model and requirement to diagnose someone. As Glennon Doyle wrote in her book Untamed, “Sometimes the only thing wrong with us is the belief something is wrong with us.” During 2003-2015 I opened and owned a coffee shop, got married, co-owned a Yoga Studio, opened a restaurant/bar, had two kids (one hospital birth, one homebirth), got divorced, worked in-home with families that were involved in the foster care system, and then took the National Counselor’s Exam over 10 years after graduating with my Master’s. It wasn’t long at all after getting my supervision and full license that I opened my private practice. Continuing to learn has always been important to me. My commitment to integrating conventional, contemplative, and creative approaches to wellbeing keeps me always learning more! Additional trainings I’ve received are: Tallapoosa Center for Inner Arts Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 2003. Psych-K, 2013, Emotional Freedom Technique, Level 1, 2015. Positive Discipline Parent Educator, 2017. Applied Astrology with Debra Silverman, Levels 1&2, 2018. Bowen Family Systems, 2021. Certified Integral Therapist (the first in GA!) 2022. In 2023 I completed the NARM Basic Training to work with relational trauma. This range and depth of experience has imprinted me with a profound regard for the spectrum of ways different people suffer from a range of mental distress. It has also instilled in me a certainty about the human capacity to face and to go beyond suffering. Beyond my formal training, my work with clients is informed by dedicated personal reflection and practice, meditation, and yoga. In reality, I believe we are all just making our best guess at how to avoid pain until we realize our reactions might not be serving us and choose to do the self-work required to consciously respond instead.

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