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Lisa and Angie have each been teaching Yoga for almost 20 years. We have seen who is able to go to a studio Yoga class 1-2 per week. It's either students with extra income, people without traditional schedules, people without children, or Yoga teachers leading the class.

No judgement! We get it! We wanted to offer a virtual Yoga platform for busy people, because we know "busy" is not an excuse and yet also sometimes unavoidable. No shame in not being able to make more time for yourself! We want to make it easier! 


We're offering 3 virtual classes per week--

WEEK A: Tuesday 7am 30-minute practice

                         Wednesday Noon 60-minute practice

              Friday 6pm 15-minute practice


WEEK B:  Mondays 7am 15-minute practice

                        Wednesday Noon 60-minute practice

                        Thursday 7:30pm 30-minute practice 

The classes will be held virtually and live through zoom, offering more community than doing a video on your own. If you are unable to make the class live, with a monthly membership, you will get the recording of the class to do at your convenience and keep! For those interested, there is a private Facebook Group to enhance the community experience, if that's what you're looking for.  Let's make this a true community collaboration! 

4-Week membership $40

“Weeks” start on Monday and end on Friday. Memberships are in 4 week increments NOT the 1st of every month. If you register after Monday, you will get any recordings of classes that have happened that week.


1. You can have support in your home practice…  

…from your computer or phone in your bedroom, your office or at the park. to go to a studio for Yoga or chance getting bored doing too many asynchronous videos! And if you want to go to a studio when it works, that’s just


2. 24 practices per 4 weeks…

…with 3 live classes PER WEEK, with recordings of the practices for YOURS TO KEEP, the list of excuses why you can’t get on your Yoga mat for even 15 minutes gets shorter and shorter…


3. You move in a way that’s best for your body…

…there’s something about a home practice that allows for less self-consciousness and comparing to others in the room. You can choose to keep your video on or off to allow yourself privacy to your comfort level to move your body in the way possible!


4. You can’t get it wrong…

…this practice is about . It doesn’t matter if you are in Yoga clothes, jeans, or pajamas. The act of showing up for yourself, moving your body and focusing your awareness inward is what will help you the most to feel centered and worthy of taking care of yourself!


5. We take the guesswork out of home practices…

….instead of getting by all the Yoga videos on Youtube, being 10 minutes into a video before giving up because you don’t like the instructor as much as you thought you would or getting bored on your own mat because you don’t quite have the discipline on your own, time and energy is saved so you can get more out of your practice and feel more centered throughout your day!


6. It’s so much fun!

…VIRTUAL DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN IMPERSONAL. In this offering you can still connect with others and have a sense of community without having to go to a studio! Busy people need community too! We’re making it a bit easier!

Register through the link below or email for more information

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