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The style and approach I use as a therapist is unique due to my clinical background and my counseling training, which includes eclectic blended approaches catered to the individual’s needs. My transpersonal psychology training provides a multitude of holistic, mind-body modalities and therapeutic approaches I can utilize based off of your needs.

I find person-centered, strength-based, and compassion-based therapy to be the most common approaches used in my practice. Other approaches I resonate with the most include Existential Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Logotherapy, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Spiral Dynamics, Applied Astrology, Depth Psychology, and somatic approaches, as well as many other frameworks. There are many doorways in. A great strength to using an eclectic approach is my capacity to precisely identify and employ those particular methods that will best suit an individual client, for psychotherapy or for consultation.

I listen carefully to your needs and help you to get unstuck by identifying areas of personal strength and weakness. I do this with a warm, yet direct approach, and will ask questions, examine behaviors and hold you accountable when your actions do not match your words.


I am here to help!


All I ask of you is to show up fully, and together we will do the work! I am not afraid of the depths of your experience or pain. I will guide you to peace from painful experiences. With a nonjudgmental, yet supportive approach, and a sprinkle of humor where appropriate, I hope to show you that therapy can be a safe place to explore your true, authentic, fundamentally good self. I think of therapy as a professional service offering a safe place to grow, beyond the traditional idea of ‘the patient on the couch.’ My natural style as a therapist is to balance warm support and empathy, with gentle, honest words that will challenge you, and will enable us to work together as you learn new tools to help you achieve your goals. I take a holistic stance at psychotherapy by focusing on treating the whole individual; mind, body, and spirit. I want to help you integrate all parts of yourself into wholeness (however that is unique to you).




Psychotherapy & Consultation

Individualized session. Client centered and driven--we meet as often as is helpful to you! Please book a clarity call to see if we are a good fit.



Personalized Human Design Reading Video

I will record a video reading of your Human Design chart and reading for you to keep forever! The video will give you insight into your unique energy system and suggestions for how to live more aligned. It will be emailed within 48 business hours of purchase.



Pop-Up Process Session

(PUPS) offer individuals a dedicated space to navigate life's complexities, providing you with a calming sanctuary to reflect, process, and find clarity amidst the overwhelming demands of a sometimes demanding life. I provide a valuable support system where you can unravel your thoughts and emotions, fostering a sense of balance and self-awareness. These appointments are available randomly when there's room in my schedule.

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