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On-Demand Continuing Education Courses approved by LPCA of GA for 2 core hours each

Mindful Awareness in Psychotherapy

A Psychotherapist's Beginner's Guide to Psychedelic (Psilocybin) Preparation and Integration

In this recorded, asynchronous workshop, therapists will delve into the foundations of mindful awareness, honing essential skills in compassionate listening and mindful communication. Discover holistic assessment techniques and learn to design client-centered interventions aligned with mindful principles. Navigate cultural competence and ethical considerations with sensitivity. Learn practice techniques to seamlessly integrate mindful awareness into your therapeutic approach. Join me and enhance your therapeutic journey, embracing a holistic, person-centered approach that transcends the confines of the medical model.

A Psychotherapist's Beginner's Guide to Psychedelic Preparation and Integration is a "tip of the iceberg" learning experience that equips mental health professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of psychedelic-assisted therapy and contribute positively to their clients' well-being. With the possibility of more clients being up to date on current research and trends, therapists will be prepared to answer questions in an ethical and responsible way. In this course, my hope is that you leave with a better understanding of the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, develop skills for psychedelic preparation, and enhance the integration process and practices for clients.

To purchase, use the link, disregarding the calendly  appointment time.

You will receive an email immediately after booking with links to the course.

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